App Redesign

Client: Personal project

Art Direction



Interaction Design

The project

During 2020 many of us found a new interest in science news and Covid-related studies of course. However I’ve failed to find a really well crafted science news app that could cater articles according to the sujets I’m most interested in or letting me interact with other readers through comments. This project was born from these frustrations and aims at showing a news app can become a well-rounded product.

The work

I researched and compared the user experience and flow from different news apps or social platforms to get a sense of what can the main pain points be for users in , often overlooked, flows like onboarding or commenting.

The landing and feed screens designed for the app "Science News"
The search screens designed for the app "Science News"
An overview of all the screens designed for the app "Science News"
Wireframes designed for the app "Science News"