Closer In


Photography & Website Concept

Client: Personal project


Art Direction


Interaction Design

The project

With the 2020 mandatory lockdown, many relationships experienced amplified emotions. Going through a whole new range of lows but also highs. My partner and I collaborated on creative and intimate photographs. The idea of this collaborative project was to associate photography and poetry in a few different sets showcased on a website. Each set conveys a different emotion we went through in these unique circumstances.

The work

The photographs were thought of and captured by both my partner and I. Using colourful lights to create the moods we imagined for each set. I then worked on post production retouching and on the art direction, branding and interactions of the website.

Mobile mockups of the "Great Wagon" page from the project "Closer in Lockdown"
Desktop mockups of the "I still recall" and "A red, red rose" pages from the project "Closer in Lockdown"
Desktop mockups of the "Love" and "To a passer-by" pages from the project "Closer in Lockdown"
Compilation of photographs taken for the project "Closer in Lockdown"